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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  March 1, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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let's say good morning to justin berk with the forecast. >> good morning to you. it's march 1st. march coming in like a lamb. and the beginning of meetological spring that may put a smile on your faces. doesn't mean we are done with the season. in terms of the weather, december, january and february, are our three month lock of the winter season. seasonal snowfall across the baltimore area, 14.4 inches. the march average 2.4. so we could get a few more before we are done for this part of the year. temperatures do warm from the first on average of 49 degrees. the end of the month up to 59. so a 10 degree bump expected over the next few weeks. most of this week will be closer to the cooler end. we are dry. clear skies and temperatures down near freezing in many spots. we will talk more about the forecast in a moment. let's get you out on the road with kim. >> reporter: this morning, traffic is moving very well. if you can coming southbound on the harrisburg expressway, all
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listens are open between mount carmel road approaching 695. no issues reported on the j-xf. a disabled vehicle at perring parkway has been cleared. but we have a pair of accidents in anne arundel county including an accident route 100 eastbound approaching arundel mills boulevard. police are on the scene. also an accident at route 198 at the bw parkway. now back to you. >> one minute after six right now. his image has changed over the last 14 years. but the man dubbed as the east coast rapist, his reputation as a serial predator has not. signs will go up to warn you about the guy. linda so joins us to tell us more about the man that policeagencies and fbi are eager to catch. linda. >> reporter: well, he is tied to at least 17 rapes. police say he attacked women and girls in four states including right here in maryland. now police hope his image on electronic billboards will help them track down the serial rapist. the billboards went up this week all along the east coast.
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police say he is attacked women in maryland, virginia, rhode island, and connecticut since the 1990s. his identity is still unknown, but police are hoping a website called east coast will bring in tips to break the case. his last known attack happened a year and a half ago on halloween night in dale city, virginia. police say he attacked three teen girls going home after a night of trick or treating. >> he was armed with a handgun and mask and led them into a wood area where he sexually assaulted the girls. >> reporter: so far police have ruled out 700 suspects. they are hoping this renewed push to catch the east coast rapist will lead to a tip to tie it togetherp if you have any information, call crime solveers at 1-866-411-tips. you can remain anonmons. in the studio, linda so, ab -- anonymous. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. truck drivers will rally against a tax and registration free.
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-- fee. the trucker envoy of more than 30 struck will -- trucks will circle the complex in annapolis before holding a news conference at 11 at lawyers mall. the truck drivers as well as business owners say that this is a show of solidarity to let lawmakers know of they put up -- they won't put up rather with anymore of the taxes. lawmakers scheduled a hearing to look at rising gas prices and gas tax to increase what the counties and cities maintain in the roadways. but first, lawmakers have to change the constitution. the money is going to the maryland countys in baltimore city has been cut by as much as 90% this year. the maryland association of counties says they will only support a gas tax if and only if the governor in the state lawmakers don't touch any highway money ever again. three minutes after six right now. members of the harford county school board were vied ualed to -- scheduled to vote on the redistricting plan last night. but they didn't. parents were happy about this because instead of voting, board members approved ten changes to the plan.
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fork, they move the bondry -- for example, they move the -- moved the bondry line -- boundary line to allow 25 more students to remain at school. and other stewed won't stay at fountain green elementary school. parents had protested the proposed -- students would stay at foundin green elementary school. parents had protested the proposed moves. >> the kids are in school right now. our goal is to plan for the next 10 to 12 years to hope we don't have to go through the situation like that again. that's why we made the initial decisions we made. >> the board will allow students going into 5th grade to stay at their current elementary school. final vote -- the final vote will be march 14th. we have a link to the changes on the plan on our website, head to for more information. it's 6:04. it's been two months and one day since phylicia barnes was seen. plight have -- police have gotten tips from afar away as
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washington state but have no leads. family and friends gathered last night at a reisterstown square apartments in northwest baltimore, the last plate she -- it be place she was seen. they supported each other and prayed for a safe return. our cameras were not allowed inside but outside her sisters said they are hopeful of finding their younger sister. >> definitely still hopeful. just really trying to keep her face out there, keep her face in the news, in the papers and things so people won't stop looking. >> barnes' family is offering a reward and tens of thousands if anyone can provide information if they know anything about this. call 855-223-0 033 if you know anything. a mother of a woman killed in a crash is suing the fa ache. she died in the -- faa. she died in the wreck. the attorneys say it was air traffic control negligence.
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lawsuit claims controllers were unresponsive and inattentive when the pilot asked for guidance. we spoke with her mother after the crash and she was preparing for a lawsuit. >> they took my life. they took my parent's life. they took a young lady that was going to do great things for the world, for her community, and they took a lot. they took a lot i just want to -- lot. i just want to know everything that happened to my daughter. what decision was made that caused my daughter not to be with me. >> attorneys for younger say they plan to sue the state of maryland. new for you this morning, new guidelines have been released overnight. and it's something to think about when you are out for the morning commute. out for the morning commute -- out for the morning commute. we have recommendation especially as they pertain to tractor trailers. >> reporter: we are here in parkville overlooking interstate 695 where morning rush hour traffic is picking up out here. but thousands of cars and
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trucks travel on this road each and every day. a new study just released this morning says underride guard on tractor trailers can fail in low speed crashes. these types of crashes can lead to deadly consequences. now the insurance institute for highway safety is petitioning the federal government to require stronger underride guards that stay in place during a crash. the group also wants to mandate guard for more large trucks and trailers and the national highway traffic safety administration says about 400 -- 423 people in passengers cars die each year when it hits the back of large trucks. >> until the real world, crashes are not -- in the real world, crashes are not always where the guards are strongest. so they need to be strong on the ends as well to prevent this kind of underride. >> reporter: out here live, rear guards are the main counter measure for reducing underrides and injuries when a car crashes into the back of a
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tractor trailer. the institute studied the crash problems for the past 30 years. reporting live, sherrie johnson. time 6:0. for a lot of people -- 6:08. for a lot of people they can want to keep the sun kissed -- they want to keep the sun kissed tan. >> the bill circulating awhereby db -- with law markers this morning. -- lawmakers this morning. we have an abc news exclusive interview. shake, rattle and roll. surveillance video released from a earthquake in arkansas. but first, new york has the latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with surging gas prices. the national average for a gallon of unleaded jumped 19 cents in the past week to 3.3 8. that's second highest one- week jump on record. behind the spike that followed hurricane katrina. the unrest in the middle east sent prices soaring. and rising fuel price also be
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on agenda as federal reserve chairman begins two days of congressional testimony. he is expected to say the ecomony will pick up more speed but not enough to quickly lower unemployment. and ford made the biggest games in the auto rankings. they improved in road tests and reliability. but honda and subaru makes the best vehicles. at&t customers can get special mobile deals and promotions based on their location. customers will receive offers by text message when they are near a participating store. and that's your money coach scope report. i am peggy -- money scope report, i am peggy bunker.
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now "good morning maryland." 11 minutes after six right
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now. libyan ruler moammar qaddafi says there's no resistance or uprising in his country. he spoke in a excluive interview. and he lost control of the eastern half of the country since protests demanded his resignation began two weeks ago. he still holds the capital tripoli and maintains the situation is fine. >> no one against me for what? because i am not against them. they love me. they love me all. >> but inform they do. >> they will die to protect me, my people. >> witnesses say pro qaddafi troops supported by tanks andguns tried to retake the city last night. 1961, president john f kennedy established a peace
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corps developed to help underdeveloped con trites around the world. it was de-- counsel tries all around the world. it was designed to help -- countries all around the world. it was designed to help countries. this guy had the right idea when the earthquake hit in arkansas. duck and cover. new video this morning of a clerk at convenience store that caught the moment when the earthquake hit in green brier and shook the area around 11 sunday night. minor damage was reported but geologist say almost all of arkansas could feel it. but my dad told my mom monday morning, call and get earthquake insurance. true story. no injuries were reported. so that's what we were feeling in arkansas, justin. that was one that was big, the biggest one recorded in sometime 4.7. >> 800 earthquakes in the past year? it's been a lot of activity there. most minor, but they have been ramping up. we reported over the last couple weeks earthquakes out
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there as well. ey are off the edge of the screen, arkansas, but look at storm reports for yesterday. this was weather related reports in terms of mostly wind damage in the blue dots you see here. we had a couple tornado reports. most of it to the west and south. we missed on that severe weather threat yesterday morning even though temperatures did surge in the upper 60s and close to 70. but this is what we missed out on and in tennessee let's check out this report. tornado 1:-- 1:35 in the afternoon in tennessee. again, widespread wind reports up to the north carolina area. and that was basically during the evening. that was 5:47. it gives you the idea it pushed towards the south and just clipped our area and pushed out to sea. most is off the coast. a trailing lines line of storms past -- line of storms passing jacksonville. tampa is getting it over the next couple hours. over5u8, we have a cool -- overall, we have a cooler air mass spilling across the
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eastern half of the nation. as we get the transition back to reality, the cooler winds and a little breeze this morning. a couple clouds developed during the last couple hours. we expect to have a fair amount of sunshine as the north wind is a dry wind. maybe a fewaed clouds during the morning -- few added clouds during the morning sky. it's 24 back towards altuna. that's the source of our air for today. the reason why despite the sunshine, temperatures will really struggle even though march comes in like a lamb. it's going to be a little bit cool for some of your taste. it's closer to normal this afternoon and so are the overnight temperatures that are in the mid to upper 20s 678 tomorrow -- 20s. tomorrow, the temperatures will go back into the 50s. that brings back cooler air and a stronger breeze and a dry passage. thursday, sunshine, 40. lows in the 20s. and 30s. we are looking for 48 on friday. the week send dry on saturday. we are building in rain
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saturday night into sunday. kim. >> reporter: justin, traffic is not terrible this morning. you will find all lanes open on 95 in both directions. no issues coming from mountain road approaching 695. as we look live on the southwest corner at wilkins avenue, traffic is flowing freely on both directions. if you are headed on outer loop towards 95, it's all good. i-70 has no problems. traveling on the jxf, southbound, aid five minute trip. right now we have a pair of accidents in anne arundel county. one in laurel at route 198 as you approach the bw parkway. and route 100 at arundel mills circle. there are reports of an overturned vehicle blocking one lane. so expect to see police and some minor delays. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. health news this morning. if you give your child tylenol for 100 degree temperature, you have what's being referred to
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as fever phobia. the american academy of pediatrics says mild fevers are not harmful and don't need to be treated aggressively. this advice doesn't apply to children with certain chronic conditions or to kids under 3 months of age who should be taken to the doctor if they have a fever. the american academy of pediatrics also wants teens banned from tanning beds to reduce the risk of skin cancer. more than 30 states regulate indoor tans by -- tanning by minors including here in maryland that requires teens to have permission from their parents under the age of 18. these are bills this year that would ban teen tanning in maryland altogether. but 8700 people died of melanoma last year and more than 68,000 new cases were diagnosed. evidence links indoor tanning with the increased risk. all right. time to say happy birthday if you are celebrating today. like anthony here, 17 today.
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he attends sparrows point high school. lots of love from his mom, dad and lauren and from us happy birthday. and the picture of the day is from lynette. up there on the stairel with awell -- stairwell, left to right, tiger brandon and winston homeward bound waiting for mommy to get home. that's a great photo. keep those coming in. >> if you have a great picture you want to share, whatever it could be, we will share it with everybody else. send it to morning show at and include all the important facts behind the picture so we can share it with everybody else. all right. time to start polishing off the trophy. the -- the new cast of "dancing with the stars" has been released. >> we will run down the list. what's he going to say next? charlie sheen? his ranting continues and he is affecting the people he used to
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[ male announcer ] denny's. 6:21 on this tuesday morning. sad news from the entertainmentworld. a hollywood legend passed away. jane russel died monday at her home in santa maria, california. she caught a bad cold and died of a respiratory difficulty. she was 89 years old. she starred in several movies from the 40s and 50s as one of the industry's leading sex symbols. she shot to stardom after starring along sight marilyn monroe in "gentlemen prefer blondes." viewership down for sunday's academy awards. an average of 37.6 million people tuned into the broadcast but did they hang around? that was a crop of 9% -- drop of 9% compared to last year. in the targeted demographic viewership was the same as it did for 2010. 6:22 right now. time to dance.
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we now know which celebrities will be hitting the ballroomfloor to take a shot at the troughy on "dancing with the stars." the cast was revealed last night. original karate kid will be hitting -- the original karate kid will hill the dance floor and so will kelsey cane. boxing great sugar ray leonard and kirstiy alley and chris jericho. ravens fans you won't like this one, or maybe if he is bad you will. hines ward will be taking off the cleats and lacing up the dancing shoes for a complete -- shoes. for a complete list, head to and tell us what you think about the cast. by the way, that starts march 21st. the cast and crew of "two and a half men" will be paid for four episodes now production is shut down. charlie sheen says won't sleep until he gets paid for all eight episodes put on hold. sheen's publicist said he will
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no longer represent the troubled actor. and tonight you can hear much more about sheen in a 20/20 special charlie sheen in his own words. that will be right here on abc2. >> do you think his publicist was thinking left one day too late. >> maybe. >> i should have left on sunday. this is how heist are completed in the movies. >> but clever crooks in georgia used the same method and they haven't been caught so far. now police have them on camera. and a protests are-- and the protests are not heated until now. two groups with different opinions and fists are flying and we have the video to prove it. >> reporter: are we heading for government shutdown? what needs to happen today to keep the wheels turning in dc. 6:24. let's look live outside and start to see the sun sunrising this morning. justin has complete check on your weather when we come back. lysol believes kids shouldn't miss school
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during cold and flu season. that's why lysol created a healthy way to wash hands and developed healthy habits programs for schools with a pediatrician. for healthy tips and more visit
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now, "good morning maryland." an important vote that could keep the government from shutting down. a national search for a man who police say has been raping women for decades. a new effort to get him behind bars. and they are called underride guards but a study shows they may not do anything
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to guard you or keep you safe in a crash. we will have details on that on this tuesday, march 1st, good morning, maryland, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. the first day of march, let's find out if it is going to go in like a lion or lamb. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> it's coming in like a lamb. but february went out like a lion. we were lucky, though, we missed out. good morning annapolis. let's go off to the u.s. naval academy where it was sunny in the morning almost hit 7 a. -- 70. watch the storms. the temperatures are back down to freezing. st. mary's elementary is at 32 degrees with a cool northeastern wind. we have extra clouds built in over the last few hours. nearby arnold at 34. it's 31 in perry hall and into the 29 range in westminster. frederick is sitting at 30. we are sitting under a quiet conditions. maryland's most powerful doppler radar five sweex and has no rain. more on the week ahead outlook
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coming up. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: no rain. we like dry roads in the morning. but we have wind warnings in place at the key and the bay bridges and you will feel windy conditions at hatem and tidings bridges as well. northbound and southbound, all lanes are opened. no reported issues or problems. southbound on the harrisburg being pressway -- expressway, we have reports of a disabled vehicle. we are still working an overturned vehicle route 100 near arundel mills circle. now back to you. >> thanks. we have been talking about a possible government shutdown for days now. and today could be an important day in averting the crisis. linda so joins us in the studio to tell us about what needs to happen today. linda. >> reporter: well, a temporary stopgap spending bill is before the house today. house is -- the house is expected to approve it. if both sides agree to the deal by friday, it could prevent a shutdown for another couple weeks. that would buy more time to negotiate. republicans want to


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